Window Treatments That Help You Love Your Home & Enjoy Your Privacy

What are Shutters?

Shutters are window coverings or window treatments that consist of solid or slatted panels that are mounted on the interior or exterior of windows. They serve both functional and decorative purposes and are popular in a variety of architectural styles. Here are some key characteristics and types of shutters:

Types of Rooms Shutters Are Typically Used in


Living room




We do not recommend putting it in a bathroom window if it will be directly getting wet. If you need window treatments for the bathroom there please let us know. We have a few options for you. 

We will take the time to understand your needs, and dreams for your home. Working with us we promise to help you understand the best window treatment, and all your options, so it’s easy to love your home and enjoy your privacy.

You name the room, and it can go there!

Our goal is to work with you and take the time to understand your needs and wants for your home. We promise to help you understand the best window treatment options available, so it’s easy to love your home and enjoy your privacy.


We Use Our Love Your Home Approach to Help You Through the Process

KP Window Treatment will order, install, and make sure you love your new shutters!


We schedule your free consultation where we come into your home and measure your windows. We bring samples and answer any questions you have to help you make your decision.

get clarity on Your Needs & Wants

Throughout the consult we will make sure we are clear on your specific needs. By the the of the appointment you will get a quote for the treatment and installation.

You Accept the Quote & Pay Deposit

After you accept the quote, you pay your deposit. You can do this after your consult or during your consult, either way works for us.

WE Order Your Shutters

We order your shutters and any other window treatments and send you tracking.

We Schedule Your Installation

Once the shutters get delivered, we schedule your installation.

We Install Your New Shutters

During your installation appointment, we will take down old treatments (if you have them), and install the new ones. We will also collect the remaining payment, and give you warranty details for your treatments.

The KP Window Treatment Promise

You can count on us to provide friendly, efficient customer service while offering the best products available at fair prices.  Our goal is to educate you about all of your options so that you can feel comfortable about your decision for your window treatment needs. When you love your home, it makes us happy.

Anytime we have the opportunity to bring your visions to life while treating you in a fair, respectful manner and building connections is what matters most to us. Everyone deserves to love their home, window treatments, and the process of getting them in place.

Benefits of Shutters in Your Home

High Quality

Very Customizable to Get Your Perfect Look

Variety of Colors & Sizes

Specialty Shapes (Diamonds, Circles, etc.)

Light to Medium Weight

Easy to Clean


No Tilt Rod Needed

Types of Windows & Custom Sizes that Shutter Treatments Work For

Specialty windows usually go untreated, but shutters are some of the most versatile window coverings out there. They are also extremely affordable which makes them the best solution available!

Shutters can cover anything from triangles to arches. We even offer palladian shelves when you need or want them covered.

Customizing Your Shutters (Features, Specs, Colors)


Shutters are extremely customizable. You can pick the type of material, how wide the shutters are, frame placement, Different finishes for hinges, add locks to your shutters, pull rings, cordless, frame styles, different colors for the shutters, and more.  

These are in the top three most customizable type of window treatments we offer, tying with Roller Shades, and Honeycomb Blinds.


Easy to Open & Control


Variety of Shutter Width Sizes


Custom Frame Styles


No Tilt Rod Option

The Ability to Open & Control Your Shutters

Divider Rails to Give Your Privacy on the Bottom Half of the Window & Light on the Top Half

Divider rails are an awesome way to customize your shutters. Divider rails are a FREE upgrade that allows for added functionality.

You can select any location to add divider rails (on shutters 22” or taller).

The most common location is 3/4 of the way up the shutter; for example, if your shutter height is 40” then the divider rail would sit at the 30” mark (measuring from bottom to top).

With divider rails, you can close the bottom section of louvers or slats for privacy while keeping the top section open to enjoy some natural light.

Variety of Shutter Width Sizes (Louver or Slat)

Shutters or Louvers come in a variety of sizes. Selecting your shutter width size depends on your personal preference as well as how you want your shutters to look and feel in your home.


Typically Bigger is Better for Shutters

The most common shutter size we sell is 4 1/2”. We do have a lot of customers who prefer the look of smaller shutter slats.

Shutter Sizes Available in Natural Wood or Faux Wood

1 7/8”, 2 1/2”, 3”, 3 ½”, 4 1/2”


Custom Frame Styles

When selecting a frame style, the first thing you need to consider is whether your shutters will be installed as inside mount or outside mount.

We provide both inside and outside frame mount styles, and during your consultation, we will show you everything you need to know to choose what will look the best for your home.

We Have a No Tilt Rod Option & a Tilt Rod Option – Our Customers Usually Go with the No Tilt Rod

Shutters no longer require a tilt rod! Invisible tilt shutters do NOT have a tilt rod and therefore give you a less obstructed view out of your window; it’s also one less thing to dust around. The Invisible tilt mechanism is a cost effective upgrade that is extremely popular nowadays. Tilted options are definitely still available though. You can even pick where you’d like to put your tilt rod (to the left, centered, or to the right).

If your looking for motorized shutters, the best thing to do s reach out to us directly, and we can talk to you about your options!

Get an Accurate Quote by Scheduling a FREE Consult

We do everything we can to beat the competition in our pricing. On average our clients have seen a significantly lower price for the same treatments with other companies. We believe that you should be able to love your window treatments without getting a second mortgage or needing a loan.

Before we give you a quote, we make sure to come and measure so that the quote we give you is 100% accurate each and every time. If you have a quote from another company then we can provide you with a basic cost, then we will come and measure to give you our final quote.

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